Our partners offer valuable, expertise and resources. They help us to improve the way we address key issues.

Macmillan Cancer Support

A cancer diagnosis can be a huge financial burden. 

It can increase the costs of living and add additional to concerns their lives. Research from Macmillan highlights that:

  • 83% of people with cancer face financial challenges after their diagnosis
  • The impact can reach an average of £891 a month

Throughout our strategic partnership, Macmillan will guide and advise Santander. They will help us to offer the best support to people affected by cancer.

Mike Regnier, CEO of Santander UK, said: “We’re committed to helping our customers at the moments that matter. Working alongside charity partners has brought a vital outside perspective. We’re delighted to partner with Macmillan. Over the next three years, they will help us to transform the support we offer.”

Over the next three years, we are hoping to raise over £1 million. We will do this through a variety of customer and colleague fundraisers. This will help Macmillan to continue to support people living with cancer.

Santander Macmillan Charity
National parks
National Parks UK
National Parks UK

National Parks UK

Santander is a Founding Partner of the 'Net Zero With Nature'

This initiative fights climate change in the UK alongside National Parks. 24% of the UK's peatland is in our national parks. With only 1/5 of the UK's peatland in its natural state, there is a risk of:

  • An increased risk of flooding
  • Rise in emissions
  • Higher carbon levels in the atmosphere

Santander will fund the restoration of 220 hectares of peatland in Scotland. The restoration could remove 16,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over its first 5 years. It will help to establish nature-based solutions in the UK at scale.

In 2020, the Climate Change Committee set a target to restore the UK's peatland. By 2050, they aim to restore 79% of peatland, which could offset 5% of the UK's emissions.


"Numbers Game" helps young people to become more confident with numbers and money. Since 2019, we have helped over 1.5m children and young adults.

We have partnered with Twinkl to break down learning barriers. Featuring Ant and Dec, our learning packs are engaging and fun. They’re free and can be downloaded here: Santander and Twinkl - Financial Education Resources

Our aim is to highlight the importance of financial education. This is part of our commitment to be a responsible and sustainable bank. Our aim is to:

  • Become a global financial education leader by 2025
  • Help make financial education compulsory in UK schools

Learn more with Twinkl’s blog ‘Teaching Financial Education with Santander’.

Alzheimers UK
Alzheimers UK
Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer’s Society

We're proud to partner with the Alzheimer's Society.

We’re working with them to protect vulnerable customers from:

  • Financial exclusion
  • Loss of independence

We’re delivering training and awareness sessions for our employees to:

  • Improve their knowledge
  • Help them to support people affected by dementia

Over 50% of our colleagues have become Dementia Friends in 2020. We’ve created a steering group of people affected by dementia to:

  • Advise us on how to be a dementia-friendly bank
  • Review our products, services, and digital access

We know that there's a lot of information out there, and sometimes it's hard to find support. To help our customers and colleagues, we've developed a Dementia Guide. This outlines the support available for people affected by dementia.

Download the Dementia Guide

Age UK

Since 2016, we’ve worked with Age UK to increase the financial independence of older people.

We’ve developed multiple initiatives such as:

  • Awareness sessions to help prevent fraud and scams
  • Programmes to help older people learn and develop digital skills

With Age UK, we aim to dismantle the barriers they may face. We want to support them to build the digital skills they need to maintain their financial independence for longer.

Age UK