Our approach to sustainability

We recognise that financial institutions have an important role to play in addressing challenges such as financial inclusion and financial crime, and in broader systemic issues such as digital transformation and climate change.
As Chief Executive, I aim to ensure that our priorities deliver long-term value for our business, the customers we serve and communities in which we operate. These segments are entirely interrelated, as it is simply not possible to build sustainable success for one and not the others. Good business depends on a strong, healthy society - and vice versa.
Nathan BostockCEO
Nathan Bostock
Enabling every individual and all communities to understand, access and gain from high-quality financial services is core to our business and critical in creating stability and prosperity for all parts of our society.
Shriti VaderaChair
Shriti Vadera

Our strategy

Our strategy is focused on four pillars, covering the social and environmental topics which are most important to our customers, shareholders, people and communities, and where we can have a real impact:

Our strategy
our strategy

Our partnerships